Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boston Terrier Dog Temperament

In a sense we can say that this breed is a terrier in name only. Boston terriers are softer, more educated, and certainly more peaceful than their English cousins ​​aggressive terrier. I also agree with other pets and are excellent with children and their comical antics will keep the kids amused. In some circumstances, the dog may be irrelevant.

Best of all, Boston Terriers are wonderful guard dogs, and are easy to train at home. No wonder that this breed of dog is the most popular dog in the United States in the thirties. However, the Boston Terrier is very outgoing and social, not like to go for long periods of time. It thrives on human interaction and not a chained dog all day. They are loyal companions and wonderful, but they need company. Some Boston Terriers can be trained to be a guard dog, while others do not bark at all.

The Boston Terrier is a gentle breed that typically has a strong personality, happy and carefree and fun. Bostons are generally eager to please its owner and can be easily trained as an owner of patients.
Although originally bred for fighting, then down to the company were created. The modern Boston Terrier can be gentle, alert modes, expressive, creative and good. It should be noted, however, are not considered terriers by AKC, but is not part of the sporting group. Thus, the terrier his name is something of a misnomer.
Males and females are generally calm and only the shell when it is needed. His attitude often sensitive about barking makes them an excellent choice for apartment dwellers. Having been created as a companion dog, they like being around people, and if properly socialized, get along with children, elderly dogs, people and animals are not dogs.

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