Friday, March 9, 2012

West Highland White Terrier Dog

The West Highland White Terrier Dog is a small, cheerful, with a friendly disposition, full of energy. Because of its relative independence, may be left alone for a reasonable period of time without the development of separation anxiety. The West Highland White Terriers, commonly known as Westies, offers a lot of dogs in a small package and are particularly popular in urban areas, can have a great life, even in a small apartment, provided that the owner did the frequency of walks and play sessions and provide dogs with physical and mental stimulation. In this article you will find lots of interesting information, West Highland White Terrier. You know, for example, we know that race is the mascot of the Scotch Whisky popular black and white?

The West Highland White Terrier Dog looks like a small ball of white fur, and most people fall in love again. Before deciding to buy one for you, though, has to sit and wonder if you are willing and able to provide this dog with due attention to the common 10-15 years or more. You should also ask if the breed West Highland White Terrier is perfect for you. Get a West Highland White Terrier is a good idea if you want a dog in a small package vigorous. Not a good idea if you want your dog joins long bike rides and other, as this terrier is very energetic but tire easily and need frequent naps during the day.

According to the American Kennel Club standard, in order to increase West Highland White Terriers should be the creation of a small terrier, well balanced and strong with a large amount of air that a self-esteem. Westies should be happy, alert, brave and gentle and shy, and hardness is considered excessive absences. In addition, West Highland White Terrier breeding should ensure that dogs have a good vehicle and are built with strength. Hair should be about two inches long and white ever.

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