Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newfoundland Dog Temperament

The Newfoundland Dog is Legendary for his mild and docile, and are incredibly loyal and strength.They make great working dogs. That's why this race is known as the "gentle giant" or nanny dog. International Kennel clubs generally describe the breed as having a sweet temperament. Usually has a deep bark, it is easy to train if you start early. And "exceptionally good with children, but because of its size in a very early age, young children may be accidentally dropped, and bowed. The breed was immortalized in" Nana ", the lover of guard dogs in Peter Pan New Terra generally good with other animals, but its size can create problems if not trained.

The Newfoundland dog is a  intelligent dog,Newfoundland Dog is not to difficult Training, but keep in mind most of Newfoundland and responds to commands in a very slow and relaxed. The dog knows what to do, but in no hurry to do so. Early socialization is an important part of dog training of Newfoundland, as this breed is very friendly to humans and pets, male dogs can be aggressive with other males. The training of Newfoundland is often more effective when performed in a calm and balanced. Newfoundland are very attentive to the tone of her voice and usually is not enough, without having to shout or punish

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