Monday, March 12, 2012

Golden Retriever Dog Appearance

British Type

There are some variations between Golden Retrievers prevalent British type in Europe and Australia, and the American lines and these differences are reflected in the breed standard. The dog muzzle English class is wider and shorter, and his forehead is blockier. It has short legs, a little deeper in the chest and shorter tail. Its characteristics are generally heavier than the American type. Males should be between 56-61 cm (22-24 inches) at the withers and females slightly "shorter between 51-56 cm (20-22 inches). Its weight, however, is not specified in British Standard . The KC standard calls for a level straight back and without the slight tilt back is in the American lines back. eyes of the European type are known for their roundness and darkness, in contrast to the triangular composition or the angle of their U.S. counterparts. A Golden Retriever of English breeding can have a coat color of any shade of gold or cream, however, red or mahogany are not eligible. Originally cream was not an acceptable color pattern in the UK but in 1936 the pattern was revised to include cream. was felt that this exclusion was a mistake as the original "yellow" retrievers of the 19th century were lighter in color than the current standard, then left. As with the lines American white color is unacceptable to the ring. The British KC standard is used in all countries except the United States and Canada. Some breeders of this type in America may import their dogs to improve temperament and observed health in these strains. Golden Retriever have a muscular body with a heavy duty built for hunting.

American Type
An American Golden is less robust and thinner than one type English. A man must be 22-24 inches (56-61 cm) tall at the shoulder and women should be 20-22 inches (51-56 cm). The coat is dense and water repellent, in various shades of bright gold, with a moderate pace. The movement should be free, smooth, powerful and well coordinated.

Canadian Type

As a Golden Retriever of America, Canadians are often taller and thinner than their British counterparts. However, Canadian retrievers differ in density and color of the coatings, which are generally thinner and darker than those in the U.S..

Coat and Color

As its name, its coat is available in dark color with golden light golden tones. They have two types of hair on his coat. The finish is water resistant and slightly wavy. She throws in small amounts throughout the year. The inner layer is soft and the collector stays cool in summer and warm in winter. The sub-released in the spring and fall. It is generally flat against the belly. Golden Retrievers are small penalties in the back of his front legs and Heaver feathers in front of the neck behind the thighs and tail down. The American Kennel Club (AKC states) standard that the coating is a "multiple shades of gold, intense and brilliant," Do not allow coatings that are too bright or too dark. That leaves the outer fields of hair color in the judge's discretion when competing in conformation shows. Therefore, "pure white" and "red" are unacceptable colors like black. The Kennel Club (UK) in a cream form also allows acceptable coat color. Judges may also prevent Goldens with pink noses, or those lacking pigment. The gold layer can also be a mahogany color, known as "red", although this is not accepted in the British ring. As gold grows, the coating may be darker or lighter, with significant bleaching of hair and around the nose. Puppy coats are usually much lighter than their adult coats, but a puppy with a darker color at the tips of the ears may indicate a darker adult. A gold coating should not be too long, because that would be a disservice to his field, especially when retrieving game.

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