Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dachshund Dog Breeders and Price

In choosing between the different Breeders Dachshund Dog, it is important to choose a good breeder that strives to use only healthy dogs as both parents and offer them and their offspring with great care. To learn more stay away from "puppy mills" and other decadent dachshund dog breeders, contact your local club or Kennel Club Dachshund.

The dachshund is known to have spinal problems as the disease of the intervertebral disc, which is caused in part by the spinal column and peculiar elongated short ribs. Both the incidence and severity of these spinal problems has proven to be largely hereditary, breeders and dog dachshund should seek to eliminate genes healthy breed. If you are called "double dapple" dachshund is also a high risk of blindness and deafness, and many breeders dachshund abstention today the promotion of this color variation.

It 's difficult to give general guidance on the price of the Dachshund dog, which varies greatly between manufacturers and between different parts of the world. The most important question to ask is what you really get for the price offered dachshund. The farmer paid the dog examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and wormed and will be forced to pay for itself? The baby is well fed and well socialized? The seller is a reputable breeder who uses only healthy and well cared for parents with a good temperament or acquired from a "puppy mill"? A high quality dachshund can live 12-15 years, while a healthy dog ​​can be put to sleep by his best right or require special veterinary care. Trying to save a few dollars Dachshund Dog price, therefore, could end up costing a lot, not only economically but also emotionally. It should also be noted that the high cost of the Dachshund dog is not a guarantee that you will have a healthy dog. If you need advice on selecting a Dachshund and find reputable breeders, please contact your local club or the Dachshund Kennel Club

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