Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Training Chihuahua Dog

Many people think that small dogs do not need training, but this is far from the truth. Despite its small size, the Chihuahua is a dog and if you do not take control of the Commission is considered the leader of the pack. The formation of Chihuahua dog is a great way to show your dog that you are the pack leader and you can relax and let you decide the rules for the package. A Chihuahua dog was forced to resume the role of pack leader, often become very hoarse and very excitable.

An important example is the Chihuahua dog training leash training. Once you start walking your dog on a leash should be taught appropriate behavior on foot, for example, do not allow the leash when out for a walk. Chihuahuas are sensitive to the neck and probably collapsed trachea and soft palate, and if you allow your dog to choke on his neck trying to jump forward almost single-handedly while walking can cause serious health problems long term. As mentioned above, using a harness is better than a collar, but a Chihuahua on a harness for the body needs to Chihuahua dog training to learn proper ways to walk.

If you have your pet Chihuahua, lets you become the pack leader, simply methods that are being laid off. An example may begin to eat their dinner without giving your dog snacks at all. Absent or confined in another room, if we take for granted. When finished eating, it is time for the Chihuahua to eat. It's the way it works in a pack of wolves and wild dogs. Who controls the food is the leader of the pack.

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