Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cairn Terriers Dog Temperament

Refered to by those who know her as a "big dog trapped in the body of a small dog", Cairn Terriers Dog are adventurous, intelligent, strong, loyal, hard - not a delicate dog. Like most terriers, they like to dig after real or imagined prey. They are parasites hunters. Cairns has the potential aggression to other animals with strong instincts to pursue, but to live with them more easily than some other terriers. However, strange animals can be a different story, as the Cairn Terrier was bred to hunt and chase anything that moves. They are protective of their families and defend their territory, with courage and devotion, but also people-oriented and are very friendly with all of them are. Generally good with other dogs, but stay there in case of dispute, and have been known to harass, injure and sometimes cats. There are many small stones can not be learned if the owner has time to teach. Cairn Terriers have a strong prey instinct and have extensive training. However, intelligent and, even if voluntary, can be trained. Cairn Terrier Training has the best results when training a puppy, because they are deliberately obstinate. Although often said to be disobedient, this is not the case of forming the correct application. They were called "best friend Little World" and are always a work in progress. If you have a fenced yard, the Cairn has to be exercised on a leash, it is impossible to form a pile of stones to resist the temptation to chase squirrels, cats, rabbits, other dogs, etc. (Cairns were bred for hunting). Walking is great exercise for Cairns and its owners. A daily walk through the mail, is ideal. From the point of view of the Cairn, the longer the best path. Despite the small size of nine to 10 inches at the shoulder and weighs from 13 to thirty pounds, the Cairn is a big dog trapped in the body of a small dog. There have been cases of dogs Cairns taking much larger and ferocious, just to get out on the losing side, because nobody knows when to back off. Therefore, the Cairn be maintained in a suitable housing. Cairn Terriers are generally mild and well-suited to children and dogs are suitable for the family, but will not tolerate abuse. Usually does not announce problems, but will bark if bored or lonely.

Cairns love their families, but try to test the limits of its owner, so obedience training is necessary. Even if you learn quickly, the Cairn always the instinct to dig and hunt small animals, so that new owners should be prepared for these behaviors. Regular brushing and exercise are also necessary to keep race fit and happy.

Cairn Terriers are very playful and enjoy the toys. They have powerful jaws that allow them to crush almost anything, but their intelligence allows them to learn quickly what is a toy and what is not. Cairn Terrier "Squig" when they have a toy back and forth in a playful manner.

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