Sunday, March 11, 2012

German Shepherd Dog Health Disorder

The German Shepherd Dog puts the hair over the years, but one day brushing is fast enough to keep the hair is clean and keep their hair long to finish the rest of the house. Seasonally, this race becomes a very heavy shedder be prepared to spend a "little more careful with the German shepherd dog during these periods. German Shepherds before, with long hair and the hair can also be exposed, but now most part of the kennel Club for the short-haired variety only in dog shows. Take a bath once or twice a year is enough, more than that can cause dry skin.

Many common diseases German Shepherds are the result of inbreeding required early in the career of this common problem life.One is hip and elbow dysplasia, which can lead to pain dog live to adulthood, and can cause "arthritis. A study by University of Zurich, working police dogs found that 45% suffered from degenerative spinal stenosis, although the sample was small. orthopedic Foundation for animals found that 19.1% of the German Shepherd suffering from hip dysplasia. Because of the nature of its vast and open ears, shepherds are prone to ear infections. German Shepherds, like all the big dogs of the body tend to swell.
The average life of a German shepherd is 9.7 years, which is normal for a dog his size. Degenerative myelopathy, a neurological disease, occurs regularly enough in the race, in particular, suggest that the breed is predisposed to it. In addition, German shepherd dog have a higher than normal incidence of von Willebrand disease, an inherited bleeding disorder.

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