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Labrador Retriever Dog Appearance

In the U.S., the Labrador Retriever Dog Breed gained wider recognition after an article in 1928 by the American Kennel Gazette, "Meet the Labrador Retriever." Before this time, the AKC registered only 23 farmers of the country, in part because the U.S. and UK hunting styles had different requirements.Labradors acquired popularity as hunting dogs in 1920 and especially after World War II, earning the recognition as a combination of some of the best features of both races preferred as the United States, both search engines and games of dogs' water.

Outside of North America and Western Europe, the Labrador arrived later. For example, the Russian Retriever Club traces the arrival of farmers in 1960, as pets and other diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The creation of the breed in the Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) was initially hampered by the relatively small number of Labradors and great distances, resulting in difficulty in the creation and establishment of strains in the early 1980's, originally born dogs were still regularly supplemented by further imports from abroad. The difficulty with this kind initially led to Labradors being tacitly intersect with other types of retriever. In 1990, improved access to overseas shows and bloodlines is said to have contributed to this situation is regularized.


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The farmer is an extremely popular dog. For example from 2006:

  • Considered by many to be the most popular breed in the world.
  • Most popular dog by ownership in Australia, Canada, Israel. New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States (since 1991),
  • In the United Kingdom and the United States, more than twice as many Labradors registered as the most popular breed in the following If the comparison is limited to breeds of similar size, then there are about 3 -. Labrador five times in both countries, following the most popular breeds, the German shepherd and golden retriever.
  • Most popular breed of assistance dog in the United States, Australia and many other countries, and is widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities. Approximately 60-70% of all dogs in the United States are Labradors (see below).
  • Seven of every 13 of the National Council of Australian farming "hunting dogs in circulation" Hall of Fame candidates are Labradors (list covers 2000-2005).

There is a global registry of Labradors, nor detailed information on the number of tenants living in each country. The five countries with the largest numbers of Labrador registrations as of 2005 are: 1: United Kingdom 2: France and the United States (approximately equal), 4: Sweden 5, Finland. Sweden and Finland have a population much smaller than the other three countries.

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