Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newfoundland Dog Puppy

The Newfoundland Dog Puppy looks like a small teddy bear, but before you decide to take a house, you should ask yourself if it is able to provide this dog with everything needed for the next 9-15 years? You should also determine if the Newfoundland dog breed is perfect for you. Getting a Newfoundland puppy is not a good idea if you do not like dogs drool drool and shed hair. The puppy may be small and cute now, but soon become a big dog that needs a lot of space and is difficult to breed. Getting a Newfoundland puppy is only a good idea if you really want a big dog. The Newfoundland is peaceful, stable and needs only moderate exercise moderately. He loves to pull carts and sleds, and never say no to a bathroom.

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