Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Traits of Dalmatian Dog

They are a breed of dog healthy, but it is important to note that one in three Dalmatians are deaf or hard of hearing. Eight percent were born deaf and 20 percent are either deaf in one ear or hearing impaired.

Those who often exhibit behavioral problems. Unfortunately so successful is because they have been portrayed as a cartoon dog, when the film 101 Dalmatians peak of popularity, the demand for Dalmatians also have a peak. When this happens the race unscrupulous breeders, or ignorant, even without understanding the inherent problem.

In general, deaf dogs are placed in the first months of his life, and the official policy of the American Kennel Club is that this is what to do and more human. It is estimated by the Dalmatian Club of Canada that only about six percent of Dalmatians are free of the gene that leads to deafness. There is no way that this feature is expected that parents can hear in both ears can usually be completely deaf puppies.

Bilateral deafness is fairly easy to spot in the kittens, because they tend to play aggressively, you can not hear the cries of pain of the other Dalmatian puppies. This is a more difficult task of detecting unilateral deafness, and the only effective way is a response of auditory evoked login (BAER) test.

Creators Dalamation careful to know that dogs have special dietary needs, have a prediliction of kidney stones and urinary infections. It is important to limit the amount of purines Dalamatia eat, but he needs pure protein and that should not be abbreviated. In general, a natural diet free of all preservatives is essential to the health and welfare of his Dalmatian, if the diet is correct, it is no exaggeration to say that it reduces the dog's life and the worst case is reduced to half.

Foods high in purines, uric acid becomes that require a lot of complex carbohysrates grains, grains, fruits and vegetables low in purines to detoxify the body.

Dalmatian dogs should never be faith in table salt is bad for them, other foods high in purines include meats which are the bodies of other animals, such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and even most of the meat of the game.

Dalmatians prediliction urinary disease means they must be encouraged to drink plenty of water, but equally important is to ensure that they are unable to urinate often this prevents the urine is maintained for a long time in their bodies that promote stone formation.

They are more sensitive than most dogs and it takes patience and kindness you never forget to be abused. Aggressive training methods are designed to ensure that closed the Dalmatian training for everyone. However, with the patient and consistent training at a young age Dalmatians are flexible and can be taught to do what he asks. Dalmatians pay more attention and energy than many other dog breeds can be difficult and behavioral problems that seem too often to mask the true temperament of the dogs.

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