Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Russell Terrier Dog is a Family Pet

The Jack Russell Terrier Dog can make a great family pet and gets along well with well behaved children. One of the most striking features of the Jack Russell is a kind and gentle nature. Usually friendly with small children, provided the child understands how to properly handle the terrier. Be assertive terrier natural, however, the Jack Russell will not tolerate misuse or accidental nature of a child. This should be carefully evaluated, especially in children under six years.

The Jack Russell is a very popular breed in England for many years and is now attracting a wide range of fans with different interests in this country and other countries around the world. The JRTCA(Jack Russell Terrier Club of Ameica) encourages all stakeholders in the race to study in depth all aspects of the Jack Russell, their characteristics and needs, and that careful assessment of whether this little dog fits your unique lifestyle.

The Jack Russell needs a special treatment, and there is no special information to determine if the Jack Russell Terrier is a dog right for you.

The Jack Russell is a very special race, which remained solid, functional, intelligent and relatively unchanged because of responsible people who cared about their heritage. The main goal and purpose is to keep the JRTCA Jack Russell terrier, as the wonderful work he has been for over 100 years. The real future of the Jack Russell, however, depends on all owners and breeders who are expected to share the commitment to preserve the JRTCA Jack Russell Terrier as a working sound has been bred for generations and generations yet other come!

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