Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Temperament of English Mastiff Dog

The Mastiff is a breed desired temperament, which is reflected in all the formal rules and historical descriptions. Despite the calm and affectionate to his owner, is eligible for protection. If a stranger approaches Mastiff perceived territory or its master, the ideal would be to protect its master. If the person who comes close is perceived as a threat, the Mastiff may take a defensive shown standing between his master and a "warning growl," although some actually hide behind his master and his intimidating roar from there. Mastiffs, also brave, rarely attack an intruder or a perceived threat (unless it has caused severe), and instead usually hit a person until a human being who knows comes along and tells them that's fine. Hounds are good-natured, peaceful, tolerant, and surprisingly smooth for its size. I am a very sensitive breed, and as such, the methods of training hard and discipline are not recommended. It is a well-behaved animal, which requires a minimum of exercise and daily activities. The Mastiff is typically an extremely loyal breed, exceptionally devoted to his family and good with children and small dogs and is often described by owners as "the giant teddy bear."

Despite the enormous size of the English Mastiff is a dog deserves a calm way. They are of good character and defend his family, but they tend to stop an intruder and detained virtually standing over them and drooling over them, which scares a lot of people half to death, without any "threat". More generally, the English Mastiff is quieter than other dogs of the "protection" and is certainly more lethargic.


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