Friday, March 2, 2012

Boxer Dog Training and Breeding

Boxer Dog are friendly, active and can be trained for a wide range of purposes. Being naturally suspicious of strangers, often used as guard dogs and the military, as the dogs used as couriers and freight carriers. In modern times, training boxer dog has grown to include many other fields, and boxers are used as guide dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs and service dogs. If you are interested in the Boxer dog training beyond the basics, you can compete with Boxer on the trails and agility.

The Boxer dog training should start early, as the great fighters are much more difficult to train. The dog is known to be tough and Boxer dog training should be conducted in a. Determined and persistent is likely to have better luck with the praise and punishment, and Boxer dogs are known to respond well to positive reinforcement.

Boxer Dog Breeding

The origins of the creation of Boxer dogs goes far back in history and their ancestors are believed to be the Best, a mastiff dog house. Being a member of the mastiff, died Bullenbeiser finally raised by Germany, which was used for hunting bears and wild boars in Germany. This amazing working dog can catch the bear and wild boar and hold until the hunters arrived. Over the years, to create quick and Bullenbeiser favorite dogs as a result, the dog always less. Eventually there would be a new name - the Brabanter. Boxer dog began creating modern in the 19th century when the Brabanter was created with the English Bulldog. In 1895, the boxer made his dog show for the first time in Monaco of Bavaria and the Boxer Club was founded the first of the following year. During the last years of the 19th century, the boxer has been exported from Germany to other parts of Europe and the race came to the United States around the turn of the century. In due time, the creation of Boxer dogs became popular in the United States and the American Kennel Club recognized boxing champion for the first time in 1915. Boxer farming really took off after the Second World War when returning soldiers reported that boxer dogs had served as soldiers in war

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