Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Terperament of Dalmatian Dog

Dalmatian Dog are intelligent, playful, loyal and very active, requiring a lot of exercise. They are not really suitable for city life because it can travel long distances and traffic is a safety hazard. Although this dog is not independent of one is like being alone without company. We get along well with horses and other dogs and needs a companion. They are used to keep horses, dogs and people and can be territorial, if not already trained to socialize the puppies. There is wide variation in the temperament of the breed can be very shy or aggressive, some are stupid and always seem to never lose your dog traits, while other dogs are very stable. As a result, many experts believe that the owners of Dalmatian Dalmatian dogs can be a risk.

Dalmatian dogs are intelligent, playful, loyal and active. Usually gets along well with other animals, especially horses, and are great companions. The dogs are high energy and love to play and play outside, but also relax with their owners. Some dogs, when closed, can become aggressive and some have been known to attack small breeds of dogs to try to "play" with them. In most cases, it shows only a tendency for the skin, often only for the game. If you see the love and the company soon will be faithful and loving Dalmatian

Dalmatian puppies are better to be acquired after more than six months and then you can be more certain policy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Certainly there are fewer surprises here. Some Dalmatians can be very sensitive to sound or smell, and when hit by excessive or can not concentrate. Because they require a lot of power and its exercise is not a dog that is ideal for young families or seniors. Without realizing it, can damage young children because of their boundless energy.

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