Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Famous Labrador Retriever Dog

Since both the most popular breed of social ownership and the most popular breed for assistance dogs in several countries, there have been many important and famous tenants since the breed was recognized.
A selection of some of the most famous farmers in the various categories include:

Assistance Dog

  • Endal, a service dog in Britain. Among other distinctions, "the most decorated dog in the world" (including "Dog of the Millennium"  and the Gold Medal for his bravery in the PDSA animal and devotion to duty), the first dog ride the London Eye and the first dog known to work a 'chip and pin' ATM card. Endal died in March 2009, he and his owner / handler Allen Parton was shot almost 350 times the teams from various countries, and a movie in a year of life Endal was in production.

Police, Military, Rescue and Detection Dog

  • Zanjeer ("String" or "Bonds"), a detector dog to detect weapons and ammunition used in 1993 in Mumbai (Bombay) serial explosions. During his service, has helped to restore the country of manufacture 57, 175 petrol bombs, 11 military-style weapons, grenades and detonators 242 600. His greatest contribution to the city police force and has been the identification of 3,329 kilograms of RDX. He also helped to detect 18 Type 56 rifles and five pistols 9 mm.
  • Lucky and Flo, two Labrador blacks detect forgeries became famous in 2007 for "sniffing out nearly 2 million pirated DVDs fake" in a committee of six months in Malaysia in 2007. After the multi-million dollar, six detection detention of Malaysia, have become the dogs before being released in Malaysia, "Outstanding Service Award", and software pirates are said to have put a £ 30,000 contract in their lives.
  • Sabi, an Australian Special Forces explosives detection dog that has spent nearly 14 months missing in action (MIA) in Afghanistan before being safely recovered in 2009.


  • The former president of the farmers of the United States Bill Clinton, Buddy and Seamus.
  • The former Russian president and the Labrador Current Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, "Koni".

Fiction and Media

  • Labradors have appeared several pets and prominent figures of sitcoms and other television programs and other representations in the media. Bouncer for the neighbors, and Luath an amazing journey, are two examples of television.
  • Marley is an American farmer appears in Marley & Me, a bestselling book by John Grogan, and later a movie based on the life and times of Grogan with Marley.
  • Children's BBC television series Big Barn Farm, Digger is a young yellow lab.
  • Rowdy on Scrubs is one, taxidermy golden labrador involved in various characters of the series.

Animals and advertising

  • Since 1972, a yellow Labrador puppy, known as the Andrex puppy has been a symbol of advertising for Andrex toilet paper (Cottonelle).
  • Michigan State University has a tradition in the course of Zeke the Wonder Dog. The original "Zeke" and current "Zeke IV" is a yellow lab as "Zeke III" and "Zeke II" workshops were blacks.

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