Sunday, March 11, 2012

German Shepherd Dog Puppy

The German Shepherd Dog Puppy is a fascinating species, but before deciding to take home one must determine if you are willing and able to care for a dog for the next 11-13 years or more. You should also ask if the German Shepherd breed is right for you or if you have this dog, simply because "everyone" has a GSD. The German Shepherd is a very popular breed that is easy to find, but perhaps a very rare breed would be the ideal breed for you? Get a German Shepherd puppy is a good idea if you want a dog who likes to challenge and requires a lot of exercise. It is also an ideal dog for those who like to spend time training their dogs to perform different tasks, as it is smart and versatile.

Get a German Shepherd puppy is not a good idea if you like a lot of exercise. It should also be prepared to handle a large and powerful dog can be aggressive toward people and animals. Without proper training, the German Shepherd can develop the habit of chasing and biting anything that moves, including children and bicycles.

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