Friday, March 9, 2012

French Mastiff Dog Temperament

The French Mastiff Dog is right, nature protection, and is alert but not aggressive. French Mastiff Dog are very united and dedicated to his family. They are calm and balanced with a high stimulus threshold. The Bulldog is intelligent and can also be stubborn, arrogant and overbearing. Early socialization for this race is an absolute necessity.

Today, the French Mastiff is a calm and gentle dog, but can be aggressive with strangers. Historically, the competition was very fierce than it is today as Dobermans temperament slowed the creation selected. However, men can not tolerate other males, even trying to put together since pups rarely with success.

Because he has a tendency to be aggressive with other dogs should be taught a puppy too young to accept and tolerate other dogs, if not executed properly, and thus to the dog as a breed is a loner.
Even if a breed that needs plenty of exercise is a dog that can handle an apartment.


  1. Who ever wrote this needs to go back to first grade, the grammar f*cking sucks.

  2. Agreed.. can't even understand what most of it's trying to say!!

  3. this breed is not a bulldog, it is a different breed. and this didn't help me understand this dog any better.

  4. The writer probably speaks another language and English is a second language.