Friday, March 9, 2012

Bull Mastiff DogTemperament

Although it is a modern breed, a working dog with a pure strain is difficult to find nowadays used as a companion. English Bull Mastiff is very gentle with children and very fair. However, they are too big for a dog is suitable for a household with small children. Once aroused can be aggressive, but does not wake easily.

Compared with most other popular guard dogs, the Bullmastiff is a bit difficult "for obedience training and you should be willing to spend much time in the Bullmastiff dog training. The Bullmastiff is also known to be easy to become overly protective of his human family.

Early socialization is an important part of proper education as the dog Bullmastiff Bullmastiff that are not well socialized can be aggressive toward animals and humans alike. When provided with appropriate training dog Bullmastiff breed is gentle and loving a creature that will remain docile, if seriously provoked. Note that even if one decides to attack a Bullmastiff rarely bite that person. The Bullmastiff was created to find the poachers, knock and keep until its owner arrived. Then usually happy to go against intruders and then just wait for her guardian to take care of the rest.

They have improved their training because they are too big and too powerful to be allowed to be loose cannon!

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