Saturday, March 10, 2012

German Shepherd Dog Biting Aggression

German Shepherd Dog are one of the five most popular dogs in the U.S. according to statistics from the American Kennel Club and the dogs well trained and socialized German Shepherd has a reputation among many to be very safe (see temperament). In the U.S., one source suggests that the German Shepherd dogs are responsible for reported bites than any other race, and suggest a tendency to attack small dog breeds.
An Australian report provides statistics from 1999 show that German Shepherds are the breed third more likely to attack a person in parts of Australia.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which provides advice on preventing dog bites and other such matters, says: "There is currently no accurate way to determine the number of dogs of a particular race, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill. "
Similarly, the American Veterinary Medical Association through its Working Group on canine aggression and human-canine interaction reports "There are several reasons why we can not calculate a bite rate of one race or the comparison of rates between the races. First, the race of dog bite can not be accurately recorded and six dogs are commonly described as if they were thoroughbreds. Second, the actual number of bites that occur in a community is not known, especially if caused no serious injuries. Third, the number of dogs of a breed or combination of races in a community not known, because it is rare that all dogs in a community to have a license and the existing data licensing is incomplete. "In addition, studies have reported some of the sting, which the National Geographic television show The Dog Whisperer to the conclusion that the small dog breeds are probably responsible for more bites of large breeds of dogs, but many times go unreported.

Moreover, according to the National Geographic TV program channel, date dangerous, the bite of a German Shepherd dog has a force of more than 238 pounds (108 kg) (compared with a Rottweiler, more than 265 to 328 kg 120-149 kg) of force, a pit bull, 235 pounds (107 kg) of force, a Labrador Retriever, about 230 pounds (100 kg) of force, or a pound human, approximately 86 (39 kg) force) . However, one source indicates that the deaths were attributed more than 30 races since 1975, including the small breeds such as Pomeranians.

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