Friday, March 9, 2012

Breeding and Breeders Chihuahua dog

Chihuahua Dog Breeding

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard, for the purpose of breeding dogs chihuahua dog should be the development of beautiful, lively and fast moving with a temperament like terrier. They should have an expression "bold", which - according to Princeton University WordNet - which means "naughty. Quality is characterized by a slightly cocky and brash, irreverent joy and ease in a way"

When it comes to size, there is no height limit U.S. standards, but the adult dog should not exceed 6 pounds. The body should be square, in front of the organs and the male must have a "little more than females. The head should be well rounded" apple dome "skull and ears should be large and straight. When the dog is relaxed, ears can torch the sides at an angle of 45 degrees, but once the dog is excited to be standing.

The AKC standard varieties of hair the dog reproduced smooth coat Chihuahua and long coats. Hands should be completely smooth, soft and shiny skin of the tail should ideally be hairy. Long coats must be flat or slightly wavy, and ideally have a lower layer.

Chihuahua Dog Breeders

Due to the extreme popularity of the breed, there is now a profusion of Chihuahua dog breeders to choose from. Unfortunately, the creators of popular breeds more attractive not only for reputable breeders, but many of the dogs and the hypocrites, people trying to get rich by producing as many offspring as possible in the shortest time possible. There is also a nice little "chihuahua dog owners that let their animals breed without leaving a veterinarian to detect inherited diseases. As you can see, it is important to put some effort to find a reputable breeder of dogs chihuahua before making a purchase.

Chihuahua dog breeders serious efforts to use only healthy parents to save the race of the many hereditary health problems that affect dogs Chihuahua today. Chihuahua dogs are subject to various neurological defects, such as epilepsy and seizures. Like many other types of toys are also likely to have skull platelets inequality instead of solid bone and these dogs are often slow and sluggish growth.

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