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The Miscellaneous of English Mastiff Dog

Retrieved from the translation of the description of Abraham John Fleming Key, dated 1570, the "Mastiue or Bandogge".

"This type of dog called Mastyue or Bandogge is huge, huge, stubborn and impatient, a heavy body and burthenous and, therefore, but little speed, terrible and terrifying sight, and more fierce and fell then any curre Arcadia (it says he does not resist the generation of violence Leone). villatici They are called because they are designed to assist and protect local agriculture and rural, seized by the use of common houses and other weapons that do not play because of the distance, when there is a hidden fear of thieves, robbers, spoilers, and nocturnal wandering. are useful against the fox and the badger, to drive wild and domestic Swyne, meadows, pastures, glebelandes (church lands) and places planted with fruit, bite and grab the bull by the ear, when occasion requires. one or two dogs in extreme enough for this purpose is the bull never so monstrous, never so fierce, so furious than ever, so I never Stearn, indomitable as ever. which is a type of dog capable of courage, violent and valiaunt, strikes fear into the hearts of men could, but standing in fear that someone, so that no weapon will decrease or shorten their boldness . Our English (with the intention that their dogs could be the most fierce and fell) assist nature with art, clip, and custom, and to teach their dogs to bite the bear, biting the bull and other things Bloudy cruel as beasts (appointing a ouerseer the game) off the leash to defend their throats, and often fight and train to fight a man for hauing safegarde of his life, is a Pikestaffe, a club or sword and use it for such exercises, the dogs become more sturdy and strong. force in all beleefe surmounteth having to make fast with the teeth of all claims, three of them against a bear, a force against Lyon are sufficient, both for them and try to master everything out of his correspondence. "

Retrieved from Barnaby Googe, 1577 translation of the description of Conrad Heresbach Bandog for the home:

"First, the Mastie that observes the house. This is necessary to establish one and has a great body and mightie, a sharp Voyce large, ie, with its bark can be found, and his point of view theefe dismaye Yes, there is seene with the horror of his voice routed to their height should be neither long nor short, but well defined. big head, eyes, strong and hot, and Browne or gray and blackened Lippes, or standing, or hung too low, your black mouth wide, place or jaw, fat, and on both sides of a dam that appears on the outside of your other teeth, upper teeth, not even to your site or hanging another, Sharpe, and hid with his Lippes, a face like a lion, Brest, hayrd large, hairy, broad shoulders, his legges and Bigge, his Tayle, Short. their feet, their provision should not be too large or too sweet or too damned, the faunas in theefe or flee to his friends, many hours of sleep, all without loss "abroad, and prodigal of his mouth, barking without cause, or causes any matter, whether Swifte or not is because he is, but to fight in the country and report to the enemie. "

Sydenham Edwards (1800), wrote in the British Cynographia, London: C. Whittingham:

"What the lion is the cat the mastiff is the dog, the most noble family, alone, and all others sink before him Its value does not exceed its character and generosity and devotion, which is the most kind of you race .. its docility is perfect. the provocation of the smaller types just cause to resent him, and saw down with his paw the Terrier or stream having something from him, without offering further injury to a family that allows the children play with it and bear all his pranks without offense. The blind ferocity of the bulldog often wound the hand of the teacher who helps fight it, but the Mastiff distinguishes perfectly, enters the field with temper, and engages the attack relies on the success. if he wins or is beaten, his teacher can only take it and do not worry This old and faithful domestic, the pride of our island, uniting the useful, obedient and brave pursued by foreign nations and is perpetuated on the continent, is almost extinct, it was probably an aborigine, or is bastardized by countless crosses, all of which degenerate the invaluable character of the father, who was deemed worthy to enter the Roman amphitheater and the presence of the masters of world, meet the pard and attack even the lord of the savage tribes, whose courage was sublimed by torrid alone, and not find someone brave enough to oppose him in the deserts of Zaara or the plains of Numidia. "

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