Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newfoundland Dog Health Disorders

There are several health problems associated with Newfoundland Dog. Newfoundland Dog is prone to hip dysplasia (a malformed ball and socket hip joint). They also have elbow dysplasia, and cystinuria (a hereditary defect that makes calculations of bladder stones). Another genetic problem is subvalvular aortic stenosis. It is a heart defect common in Newfoundland involving defective heart valves. SAS can cause sudden death in infancy. And 'common' "Terranova only about 10 or 8.

When it comes to keeping warm, you have to spend much time in caring for the dog of Newfoundland, as the layer to wash a few times a week is sufficient. The double layer is thick and rough, a toothbrush must be used. Fall and spring are shedding periods and during this time of year you need to spend more time caring for the Newfoundland and brush unless you want to suck your house a long time. The longest period of pay in the next spring, when winter thick layer is discarded. Frequent baths with shampoo and warm water is not considered a good Newfoundland dog care, as it will make the skin dry and remove the natural oils in the market coverage. The Newfoundland dog has become a cold part of the world and must be protected from a hot climate. During heat waves, Newfoundland is seen in an inflatable pool filled with cold water


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