Friday, March 9, 2012

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is a versatile hunting dog, which has many independent exercise to stay healthy and happy. This is a flexible and versatile dog in the world and is still often used by hunters in Europe and beyond. Besides being a very capable working dog, this creature is a loving companion with a strong connection with his tutor develops.

German Shorthaired Pointer puppy is a fascinating creature, but before you decide what you need to do if you are willing and able to care for a dog for the next 15 years or more, and as short-haired pointer German is the perfect race for you. Get a pointer German shorthaired puppy is not a good idea if you have a very active outdoors, due to lack of sufficient exercise tends to German shorthaired pointers hyperactive and can develop a long line of destructive behavior. The German shorthaired also need lots of training and career can be difficult to handle for an owner of a dog without experience. German Shorthaired Pointer puppy is not recommended as a dog first, unless of course you are willing to read a lot, the advice of more experienced goalkeepers looking for German Shorthaired Pointer, register for classes and so on.

As its name implies, the German Shorthaired Pointer breed dogs born in Germany. Sometime during the 17th century German hunters began importing Spanish Pointer dogs and these dogs are the ancestors of the leading contemporary German short hair. Although the breed German Shorthair Pointer began many centuries ago, not the first herd book was until 1870. In Spanish Pointer, the breed is considered formed by genes local German breeds such as German and Schweisshund Bird Dog, a German company specialized in monitoring the race. The German Shorthaired Pointer can trace their ancestry to the English Foxhound, Italian Pointer, and the different races in France and Scandinavia. In the late 19th century, the German race Braco dogs that a new turn when the creators decided pointer breeding program mainly English.

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