Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boston Terrier Dog Health

Several health problems are a concern for the Boston Terrier: cataracts (type, both young and adults), cherry eye, luxating kneecaps, deafness, heart murmur, and allergies. The curvature of the spine, called roaching could be caused by patella problems with the hind legs, which in turn causes the dog to lean forward on forepaws. This can only be a structural fault with little consequence to the dog. Many Bostons can not tolerate excessive heat and cold climates, due to the shortened muzzle, so hot weather or cold combined with demanding exercise can hurt a Boston Terrier. A sensitive digestive system is also typical of the Boston Terrier. In the absence of a proper diet, flatulence associated with running. In some cases, even if an appropriate diet can not be reduced flatulence.

Bostons, along with the Pug, Shih Tzu and other short-faced breeds are brachycephalic breeds. The word comes from the Greek root "brachy" meaning short and "cephalic." This anatomy can cause tiny nostrils, long buildings and narrow trachea. For this reason, Bostons may be subject to resonate and reverse sneezing repeatedly and forced a rapid inhalation through the nose, accompanied by nausea inhalation or sounds used to prepare the taste of the mucus, but does not harm the dog in any way.
Bostons often require a cesarean delivery, with over 90% of the litters in a survey in the UK Kennel Club delivered this way.

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