Thursday, March 1, 2012

Border Collie Dog Temperament

As a Border Collie working dog does not take kindly to being underutilized and many would say that is absolutely cruel not to use this dog exceptional natural capacity of pasture. Border collies have a tendency to be neurotic and destructive when bored. They are loyal and affectionate making them ideal candidates as pets in a family level, but otherwise they are created and trained to be working dogs.

Because of heavy grazing instinct of most border collies are not suitable for families with children. The Border Collie should never be mixed with someone who does not understand the ramifications of the herd instinct, but only make pets of the family when this instinct is not strong. While border collies are beautiful dogs their tendency is that an instinct can not be produced out of them. And the interest of the child and the dog are never compatible. They are there to gather the lost sheep, and they make a kind of sneer, if that fails to step up their efforts and the shells and push a recalcitrant sheep.

The herd instinct is just one aspect attenuated the death drive that wolves have, has been refined in order to surround their prey, sheep and master instead of killing them. For a child is a border collie a sheep without wool and run as normal using all methods are needed to bring the child into the fold. For a child that is terrible and more than one child reacts screaming and protesting and trying to get out of the way, as the border collie will want to control the dog and child are doing what is natural if it is not a collie get your own by barking and persuasion that nip and then bite. The interest of the dog and child will never be mutually inclusive and as such should never be treated. Any responsible breeder of Border Collie will tell you that they are working dogs that do their excellent work and are not intended to be pets. Not that I have to be training, it's his natural instinct.

The herding instinct in Border Collies is a little different from other dogs. They lead the sheep to the handler and not away from it, although anyone who has seen the children's film will attest, do not get the belligerent, have a kind of dominant, but if you do not come with its own that can be brutal for bring the sheep in line. In Europe, usually fired once they have tasted blood, as no farmer trust them again.

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