Monday, February 27, 2012

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Description

The origin of the Yorkshire Terrier (also known as a Yorkie), it is true, it probably took place a century ago as a "Mouser". The traditional occupation of the men were historical Yorkshire coal mines and coal mines were infested with rats.

Yorkshire is one of the most rural of English counties and a dog to hunt foxes and badgers are known. Many of the mills of England is in the neighboring counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, that moisture conditions are wet wool required. The men of Scotland, left their homeland during the Industrial Revolution and emigrated to Yorkshire for work and brought with them many Scottish terrier breeds, including the Paisley Terrier. The black and brown, Manchester, Leeds-haired terriers were bred with Scottish strains.

Many designers believe that their coat is the result of their distinctive cross with the terrier maltese. Originally there was a larger animal, but selective breeding has made ​​compact and small, and now the average size is about seven pounds. Type Yorkshire Terrier we know today appeared around 1870 and immediately became fashionable as a pet of the ladies.


Yorkshire Terriers Toy Terrier is a long coat with a beautiful blue silk beige, center parties and the back side of the falls. I was born black and change as they age.

Please note cup Yorkshire terrier is a breed apart, but a Yorkie too small, too small to reproduce. No reputation Yorkshire Terrier breeder will never breed a dog under 4 pounds.

Ideal Weight: 7 pounds or 3.2 kilograms
Average size: 7.6 cm / 15-18 cm
Life expectancy: 12-15 years is average, but have been known to reach 18.

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