Friday, February 24, 2012

Dalmatians Dog and Description

The first historical mention of the dog was discovered during the construction of the Giza pyramids in 3700 BC. There is a wall frieze of King Khufu spotted a dog.

A small dog is very similar to the early English Staffordshire pottery. Dalmatian historically unjustified deer hunting.

It is not known where the name Dalmatian, but the deer came from the Latin word for lady and Chien is the French word for dog. 14 Andrea Bonaiuti century, painted a collection of spotted dogs brothers wearing fur next to the name "Dalmatian" ermine. Others say that the kind of the Dalmatian coast, we can Yugoslavia, but now in today's Croatia. Maybe after the race, the poet Yuri Dalmatin, a Serb, two Turkish dogs received a gift, in 1573 he was appointed, who cultivated and the Dalmatian wearing it today with his name.

Indians say that the Dalmatian was developed in India and is known as the Harrier of Bengal, was used as a protection against intruders pricncipal ITS. What is known is that they always supported a traveling gypsy people, who saw Indian origin, which ran in Central Europe. Roma lived in a horse cart, and walked many miles a day and a dog would need a lot of perseverance.

What is the Un Certain Is this something multicolored dogs have been known for thousands of years and the modern dog of uncertain origin.

One historical British dog trainer, dog transport or stained. Many of them are from the continent to England in the 18th century, where they were used as "sled dogs". These showed strong legs and strong ability to run distances, and they went under the car owners, and a series of paintings that just that.

America, often called the Firehouse Dog, they ran in front of the old historic fire engines were horse. These were chosen partly because the history of sled dog, but I had to feed the horses, and the company made them. It is not uncommon that more fire stations in America, such as the dog mascot, and still maintain the equipment.

They were working dogs, and had a variety of tasks, but they were not specialized and great perseverance.


Thanks to the Walt Disney film 101 Dalmatians, everyone knows what this cute dog. The Dalmatian puppies pure white patches to develop after about ten days to two weeks. She continued to make their lives a dog's development, but less so as they age.

Ideal body weight: 50-60 kg / 22-27 kg
Average height: 19-21 cm / 48-53 cm
Life expectancy: 11 to 13 years, but 13-15 is not uncommon. Poor nutrition and physical activity, and the Dalmatian life expectancy to less than seven years can be shortened.

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