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Doberman Dog and Description

The high Doberman or Doberman, in the 19th century as a guard dog and is named after the German owner, Louis Dobermann. Unique among dogs, a male Doberman dog, bred for protection. The dog was intimidating, as Mr. Dobermann was a tax collector, which has large amounts of money, the thieves tried to protect.

But he found other very specific requirements for minimum maintenance of a dog traveling and constantly on the road, was not the time nor the mood of the groom. The story does not end, that was kind of a picky person, because I wanted a dog that is a faithful companion, extremely durable, very intelligent and a form of aggression, exposure, if necessary, but not angry.

Herr Doberman fate would have many dogs, some of his duties as a local judge who was responsible for the local nursery, so it was in a unique position to choose the dogs all the features you want to breed dogs and original. In a sense, this is the latest example of a designer dog, was able to manipulate the gene pool, as she wanted, but unfortunately failed to consider the written reports, such as how and why it is the perfect choice for the Doberman Pinscher.

His house was probably the German Pinscher dog, the dog, when he was no physical sign were particularly desirable was alert and intelligent, but the goal of Mr. Dobermann showed aggressive rake. In short coat, shiny black and tan shown in the image of the thin line in the Manchester Terrier.

The Rottweiler is exceeded, the strength and the dog is an excellent tracking ability, endurance and general intelligence. The Beauce Sheepdog is the strong won, the reputation of having more good and faithful partners. Dobermann's death before the end of the designer perfect dog, left to their genetic code works by Otto Goeller, who picked up the black greyhound, the speed of the dog, and a new strength to continue.

The state of Europe, the hunger to close during the First World War, many people who, by the nature of the future and how it is grown, most people have no money or food for the dog to maintain. Many are described as a luxury, not sustainable, but the issue was still there for the rich, the police and army, who asked to excellence in the Dobermann breeders.

Fortunately, the survival of the race of the two world wars, Americans most of the famous stallion bred in Germany. More importantly, the dogs that survived were taken to the German experience and advice with respect to the characteristics of temperament and character to take the dog. During this period, but some stayed in Europe Doberman. Then the dog is still high, aggressive and highly respected real estate, today the emphasis is always tempered Doberman at home with his family.

After the death of Mr. Dobermann, the German authorities for his terrier art meeting again, claiming that the Dobermann, German Pinscher was like terriers. Around 1950, the Germans were discussed pinscher gradually recognizing that it was unfair, because the dogs were mastiff-type breed. The British leader was followed a few years later, erosion of the dog is not linked to the German Pinscher, Miniature Pinscher, or.


The dog is medium sized, square body and a wedge-shaped head. Built in a compact, fast, muscular and strong. The smart car, made a beautiful short head short shiny coat designer dog is a lean body muscle.

Historically, the Doberman's ears off about three months, then joined at the head of the band for several months. The tail is interrupted when the dog was three days. Both procedures are totally cosmetic and modern trends, tail and ears of a physical process that seems to resemble a dog. Some countries such as Britain goes further and prohibits the docking of two bills.

much weight: 60-100 kg / kg 27-45
Average size: 24-28 / 60-71 cm cm
Life expectancy: 10 years on average, women tend to live a "little more than men.

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