Friday, February 24, 2012

Boxer Dog and Description

If you are looking for a dog is obedient, intelligent, do not require much maintenance, boxer dog, whatever you want. Boxer is one of the many breeds of dogs from Germany. The boxer's ass facial features and ears cut off, each with an average of 65 pounds. The Boxer dogs are usually a bit lower, about 60 pounds.

While the well-known boxers are smart enough, you also have a script last stubborn too. For this reason it is recommended that a new pet boxer obedience training to control and monitor. The most well-meaning boxer, but obedience training helps to reduce the natural tendency to get into trouble.

As for preparation, not the boxer dogs a thorough preparation. Beauty with a soft brush takes care of the pollution. Like any other dog, boxer owners should be alert to the regular medical problems related to hip and digestive problems. Given that the boxer breed does not tend to suffer from health conditions, especially a good idea to have the parents of a young warrior who liberated you feel bad that a new pet home. In addition to this need to be aware of potential health problems, Boxer wonderful pets.

Ideal body weight: 24-32 kg
Average height: 53-63 cm
Life expectancy: 11-14 years

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