Friday, February 24, 2012

Bernese Mountain Dog and Description

The Bernese Mountain Dog was originally developed to protect temples in Myanmar. For this reason, the dog is sometimes called the dog Burmese Temple. This dog is known to be trainable and obedient dog is a friendly, however, is usually reserved with strangers. The dog is distinguished from other dogs adhesive V-shaped breast is in the dark. Generally, these dogs are brown with black spots.

Adult males average about Bernese Mountain Dogs 85 pounds and put the middle class of dogs. Y 'strong and muscular, with plenty of resistance. They are also able to reach a certain speed. Compared to other breeds, the Bernese mountain dog is relatively rare. In addition to their ability to care for Bern Mountains are also known to be good at finding small clearance

The short hair of the dog has made ​​it relatively easy to care for a pet dog. Since this dog gets along well with children, is a good choice as a family pet with children. The owners also that the Bernese Mountain Dog is easy to train.

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