Saturday, February 25, 2012

German Shepherd Dog Description

The German Shepherd is known for being very intelligent and can be trained easily. For this reason, they are good for protection and are often used in search and rescue efforts and the army and police. Other applications include the protection and guidance / support.

There are two varieties of German shepherd dogs, short hair or long hair with a variety of different colors. The most common are beige and brown, although solid black, white and met. While the German Shepherd dog is a dog who is also a popular clubs in the dog kennel to present the various standards. Consequently, there are several lines of German Shepherd dogs, which show both for work and classes.

Although some German Shepherds are known to have aggressive tendencies, with proper training and supervision of German shepherds have a stable temperament. German Shepherds appropriate training and understand how this dog breed should check to address the problems of dynamics.

With proper care and maintenance, especially German shepherds long and healthy lives. They are prone to hip problems, how many kinds of large dogs, and therefore every effort should be given to keep the German shepherd dogs with a good diet and adequate exercise are cut.

Ideal weight: 35-47 kg
Average height: 55-65 cm
Life expectancy: 12-15 years

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