Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rat Terrier Dog Description

The rat terriers rat terrier named Americans correctly, even if they were created in Britain by the Manchester Terrier and Fox Terrier. Teddy Roosevelt them called when they were brought to America. The Manchester Terrier was created to eradicate the pests and their skill in this department is recognized around the world.

As a rat terrier dog breed makes an excellent farm. They do not do well in most animals. This is a close relative of Feist, which is a small hunting dog, bred to hunt squirrels and often is visually brought in a rat terrier, but Feist's ears are always curved.


A small dog short and compact with deep shoulders, neck and ears erect solid and sharp. The tails can be docked when the dog is just a few days or left to grow naturally.

The appearance and coloring were not considered important to the Rat Terrier, who was there to collect worms and be a companion.

Consequently, as the Border Collie comes in a wide range of colors including red and white, tri-spotted, red, black and brown brindle, blue and white and red. In looks not unlike Jack Russell terrier, but the temperament is very different. The Jack Russell is definitely Jack, terriers boy, while the Rat Terrier is a dog quiet.

Ideal Weight: 22-40 pounds to 10-16 kg
Average height: 16-19 cm / 40-48 cm
Life expectancy: 15 years, but 18 is not uncommon


  1. Thanks for the cute rat terrier pictures. Do they really weigh 22-40 lbs? I have a parson jack russell terrier and she weighs only 12-13 lbs. I thought they were supposed to be around the same size.

    1. True what you said, I also have with you