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Great Dane Dog Description

A big dog in the same way that we have the German mastiff dog was in the days of ancient Egypt. Surveys walls of Babylon represented, dogs and men on foot to a similar position to build since 2000 BC. As with any dog, as old as the poodle, the exact history is lost. It seems that, like the Dalmatian, the name of a geographical reference, but not related to him was the German Mastiff bred in Germany and the French Poodle.

Some zoologists believe that the German Mastiff is mentioned in Chinese literature in 1121BC, found its origin in the Tibetan Himalayas and the Tibetan Terrier old. It seems that the Tibetan Mastiff is very similar to that of Denmark and the dog of the ancient Assyrian and sold the dog breed, that the ancient Romans. The Romans crossed the English Mastiff dog with the Assyrian and the Tibetan Mastiff and the English were the ancestors of the Great Dane.

A famous naturalist Buffon believes that the Count was French Irish wolfhound, a history that the Celts had some of the dogs in Ireland by the Romans crossed taken. The original dogs like Great Danes, were both in stature and size, called boarhounds, and hunted their prey, in the late sixteenth century in Europe in general as a dog "English" well known. Whist Buffon Denmark has seen a smaller version of the Packers and they called the "Great Dane" or the German Mastiff, while the heavier dogs were known as the Great Dane.

The truth is that the Germans, the British boarhounds imported in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He admired the ability of the animal, bears and wild boar are overcome and began a serious program of selective breeding Great Danes. The servants with the own reserves and, as the German mastiff, another agility dog, the dog we know today in English. Not the English Mastiff, like a dog or a dog known to German else.

Despite these new thin dog deserves a warehouse in Europe, and despite its popularity has never been the dog is called the stick-German. Italians called Alano, leading to the Mastiff. Only in some English-speaking countries, such as the aforementioned German mastiff.

However, the Danes, the claim that they just want the dog! Frederick II of Denmark has sent to England for a number of english mastiff pups were Queen Elizabeth I of England. The Danish royal tapestries 1585-6 can be seen in National Museum of Denmark, King Frederick II. with his new puppy "in English. For many years the German mastiff dog was bred in Denmark as two separate lines, possibly mixed, the ancestors of dogs, known as the German Mastiff.


German Mastiffs have a great height, that is both elegant and powerful and have a short, straight hair may Noble Blue, brindle, brown, black, harlequin, or sheath bearing.Its.

The ears can be cut or naturally grown. If a Great Dane is to show the ears are generally grown, but the country may be banned this practice is not necessary. In ancient times there was no justification for cutting the ears of the Great Dane, of course, are great, but the head, and was probably painful for the dog's ear torn by a bear should. The reason appears only be decreased.

Ideal weight: 90 to 120 pounds per kilogram 40-55
Average size: 28-34 cm or 71-86 cm
Life expectancy is not a dog for a long life. In general, their lives only 10 years and is a healthy dog

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