Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pekingese Dog Description

The Pekingese or Pekinese is a Chinese breed of dog specifically designed for the Chinese emperor and the imperial court to keep him company. The name of Pekingese / Pekinese is connected to the city of Peking (now Beijing), where the Forbidden City. In China, these dogs are known as Foo. Unlike many other breeds kept as pets today, Beijing has never been the purpose of breeding, hunting, or retrieve fishing nets - is produced by a return from the beginning to be.

A Pekingese dog is very cute and catchy, but before deciding whether to ask if you are able to provide this dog for the next 10-12 years or more? You should also determine if this breed is the breed for you. Can you handle a dog that snores, grunts, whistles, colds and farts a lot? If you like spending much time in the maintenance coating? It's ok spill? You can pay for veterinary care? Get a Pekingese dog is a good option if you are a small, but big and strong, the dog that does not require intense exercise, the livestock, sled or attract birds to recover.

According to the American Kennel Club, the purpose of creating dog Pekinese dog to create a balanced and compact, with a heavy duty front and rear. Temperament is desirable that offered traditional Beijing: independence, individuality and openness. Your picture should give the courage and dignity, rather delicate toy breed. When considering a Pekingese puppy scalp, can be surprisingly heavy for its size, as it has a muscular body. Pekingese breed dog should however to create dogs weighing no more than 14 pounds as adults.

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