Sunday, February 26, 2012

Newfoundland Dog Description

Newfoundlanders are the kind of work the dogs Newfoundland, Canada. Special breed of dogs, known for his gentle character, loyal. The Newfoundland has a reputation for his natural abilities Save the water, because the more waterproof coat and webbed feet. Although dogs are CRIO the Terra Nova and Canada, global trade in animals for a hearing.

Adult males weigh about 65 pounds to the Terra Nova. Considered part of the range due to their huge dog weight. Called by some fans newf, Newfoundlanders are available in a variety of colors and brands. The most common is black, but colored maroon, gray and black with white spots are also available.

Most of the Terra Nova dogs are very sweet, calm nature. Also known is that they are highly protective in children. While newf make great pets of the family are not necessarily good pets for families living and small spaces such as apartments, due to its large size.

If you are considering a pet dog of Terranova potential, and this account must have race suffer hip dysplasia tenth. It is always better for the parents to ensure that the baby does not suffer from a problem before the new pet home.

Ideal weight: 45-65 kg
Average height: 65-75 cm
Life expectancy: 10 years

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