Friday, February 24, 2012

Boston Terrier Dog Description

As its name suggests, the Boston Terrier is a breed of Boston Terrier was developed by crossing English Bulldogs and Bull Terrier. How many of the terrier breed history is rooted in its development as a fighting dog. It is a short, compact dog, aggressive, well muscled. You can imagine, this is not just fighting to win, but well. But the door was both by temperament and raised casual appearance.

In American history of dogs, there is a set of old race (as determined because there may be a new continent), but in European history, which is a newcomer. Robert Hooper bought a cross between an English Bulldog and White English Terrier in 1870 in Boston. He raised this dog bred in size and that the offspring of a French bulldog. At first, they were like the poodle, bred in three sizes: heavy, light and medium term.


The Boston Terrier is a small dog with a single "Smoking" means a white color in front of a black, brindle, or seal. Seal as the father of the Boston Terrier color is black with red glare, the glare of sunlight. His appearance masks his temperament is essentially a balanced family dog​​. It has a light and graceful attitude, like all terriers are smart.

Some Boston Terriers eye problems and some of them are congenital. Your eyes are excellent and, of course, have a short snout, which means they are in places like cacti, can damage your eyes. They have over 20 types of congenital diseases of the eye and can take juvenile cataracts.

Ideal Weight: 15-20 pounds per kg 7-9
Average size: 15-17 inches or 38-43 cm
Life expectancy: 15 years

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