Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vizsla Dog Description

Vizsla is a hunting dog developed in Hungary and is often called the Hungarian Vizsla Dog. The name is pronounced Hungarian VEEZH (zh as in vision). Sometimes the name is left to the Vizsla breed and is known simply as the dog of Hungary says. This breed has short hair natural, but in the course of 1930, a Vizsla Vizsla hair was created by crossing the German Shorthaired Pointer Wirehaired. In this article you will find lots of interesting information Vizsla dogs. You, for example, that Vizslas are not only large hands, but also excellent retrievers? Hungarian Vizsla dog is very popular among hunters who want a versatile breed, able to perform various tasks during the hunt.

The Vizsla puppy is a good guy, but before deciding to return home, you should ask if you are willing and able to care for a dog of 12-15 years, which is the average life for this race. You should also determine whether the Viszla is the perfect career for you, or if any other race could serve you better. The Hungarian Vizsla dog needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation and acquire a Vizsla puppy is only a good idea if you're active outdoors, you want to take your dog. If you get a Vizsla puppy, you should be ready in plenty of flow.

The origin of the Vizsla dog breed can be traced to the ninth century when the Magyar tribes in the Carpathian Basin has started breeding dogs for hunting wild boar. These dogs are the ancestors of today Vizslas. The first written reference to Vizsla dog breeding is illustrated in Vienna Chronicle, a work written by the Carmelites in 1375. During the 19 th century, dog breeds Viszla diminished due to the increasing popularity of the leaders of Britain and Germany.

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