Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maltese Dog Description

Maltese dogs are part of the toy dog ​​class and take their name from the region of Malta where they were collected. Dogs with long hair, silky hair is long maltese white. Most Maltese dogs have a sweet loving nature. These dogs are also good for nature trusting and good-humored, playful known.

The small size and long-haired Maltese dogs is the perfect companion for people who live in small apartments. Although the Maltese dogs for their good care of nature, long-haired are known, not as pets for children less than adults, the recommended surveillance care. This is because some Maltese dogs tend to be intolerant children.

Maltese long-haired dogs with an average weight of five pounds. Their long coats need regular maintenance. To achieve the highest level of appearance, long-haired Maltese dogs need to receive a daily brushing. Some owners prefer to tie long hair maltese dog in a bun for easy maintenance and care. Maltese dogs have hair much shorter, with long hair that comes after.

If you are considering a maltese dog is a pet, you must remember that this type of dog was bred for the company. For this reason, the Maltese dogs are not good when left alone for several hours.

Ideal Weight: 4.3 kg
Average size: 20-25 cm
Life expectancy: 15 years

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