Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Papillon Dog Description

The Papillon dog is a small and delicate, whose ancestors are held by royalty and other wealthy families in Europe for at least half a millennium. The first is similar to Papillon Toy Spaniels seen in modern Italian paintings, like the Venus of Urbino by Titian painting made Vicelli (Titian) in 1542. In this article you will find lots of interesting information Papillon dog. Did Papillon which means butterfly in French.

The Papillon puppy is a handsome man, but before deciding on a house that we must not forget that for a living. You dog with enough time and attention for the next 13-16 years? You should also ask if the Papillon breed is perfect for you. Get a Papillon puppy is an excellent choice if you want a small dog that is easily transportable and can live in a small apartment (if equipped with regular walks, of course). Get a Papillon puppy is a bad idea if you have a sturdy dog​​, because this breed is very fragile. It 's also a bad idea if you are not a lot of dogs that shed.

According to the American Kennel Club, in order to breed dogs Papillon is the creation of small dogs, comfortable and elegant with butterfly-like ears. The Papillon is an ideal light, delicate and joyful. Papillon dogs in dog breeding should strive to 8-11 cm tall at the shoulders to create. More than 11 inches is considered a crime, and Papillons more than 12 inches shall be disqualified from dog show organized by the American Kennel Club.

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