Friday, February 24, 2012

Dachshund Dog and Description

Dachshund dogs are members of the family dog​​, which is specifically designed to hunt animals that live in holes in the ground. A long, narrow structure is often referred to as a dachshund dachshund. Although the dachshund dogs have enjoyed for a long hunt, seems to date back to ancient Egypt, as a dog was also very popular with royalty from around the world for a while 'time.

Dogs are also known as Wiener Dachels and Dachshunds, the breed from Germany. In Germany, the dachshund dog name means rate, which refers to the original purpose for breeding these dogs for hunting badgers. Later he moved to the House of Rock where you are currently. These varieties are available in two sizes and three different each coat. Although most people tend to be more familiar to traditional sausage short hair, long hair and wire-haired varieties are also common. The varieties of the same layer also occurs in dogs, Dachshund. The most common colors of this dog's coat is black and brown and red.

Age dachshund weighs only 15 pounds on average. Dachsunds miniature is generally less than 12 pounds. The dachshund is known for her vivacious personality, intelligent. Wiener dogs usually bond closely with teachers, even though they are with other people. They can be difficult to house train.

Even if relatively healthy, the dachshund has a tendency to suffer from spinal problems in the long and narrow building. For this reason, it is preferred that the pipe section to maintain a body weight such as obesity may be exacerbated by the potential health problems of the spine. On the other hand have to jump the stairs and must be fought to prevent the spine, at least in dogs, a dachshund.

Ideal Weight: 10.8 kg
The average height: 35-45 cm
Life expectancy 12-15 years

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