Monday, February 27, 2012

Bloodhound Dog Description

The Bloodhound is a large breed of dog known for his incredible sense of smell and ability to track and find people. For example, is used to locate missing persons and fugitives. Unlike many other dogs, the Bloodhound can track scents that many hours or even days old. In this article you will find a wide range of fascinating information dog. You know, for example, we know that this breed is also known as St. Hubert Dog? According to legend, the original Bloodhound dog breeders, the monks of St. Hubert.

The beagle dog is a beautiful creature, but before you decide to make one for you, you should consider if they are willing and able to care for a dog for the next 8-12 years to have. You should also determine if the Bloodhound breed is perfect for you. Getting a beagle puppy is a good idea if you have a great race and powerful, with loose skin and large ears and hanging and decide to clean the eyes and ears of your dog every day. Get a beagle puppy is a bad idea if not the smell of dogs, barn, and baba baba. The Bloodhound is also known for his loud bark. Without proper socialization, the breed is suspicious of strangers and can be aggressive toward animals. The Bloodhound has a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy and enjoys spending time outdoors.

According to legend, the creation of Bloodhound dogs began around 1000 when the monks of the monastery of Saint-Hubert, Belgium, has developed a dog tracking skills dramatically stronger. What we know for certain is that the breed was developed in this area, namely, in what is now Belgium and France, and can trace the origins of dogs and so as the Swiss Jura Hound Dog Bavarian Mountain . Although there is a lack of written reports on the beagle story of creation, we can see that these dogs in many European paintings.

Today, dogs are mostly black and brown, but during the Middle Ages, the Bloodhound dog breeders dogs made of many colors. It has been found, for example, a variety known as the dog Talbot white, but this strain of 16 ° century matrix 17. Hound dog breeding has led not only to the Bloodhound breed, but also helped many other varieties available. Line Brasilerio Brazil is just one example of a modern breed, with Bloodhound ancestors.

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