Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scottish Terrier Dog Description

The Scottish Terrier Dog, also known as Aberdeen Terrier Dog, Scottish terrier is one of the races are made for small insects, rats, mice and squirrels to chase. This is a search engine fighter and is also famous for its distinctive profile. Throughout its history, the Scots won a variety of nicknames and fourth Earl of Dumbarton, for example, referred to this dog as "Die Hard Little." In this article you will find many interesting Scottish Terrier. You know for example that the Scottish Terrier is considered the oldest of the Highland terrier?

The Scottish Terrier puppy is a beautiful series of joy, but before you decide to get one should ask if you really ready to give this dog, all that is needed for the next 12-15 years. You should also determine whether the Scottish Terrier breed is best for you and your lifestyle. Get an Aberdeen Terrier is a great idea if you have a small dog that is very robust and heavy bone, which requires only moderate exercise and does not add much. But Getting an Aberdeen Terrier, is a bad choice if you need a coat to be brushed and trimmed. You should also keep in mind that the Aberdeen terrier is one of the most strong willed and independent of all the terriers, and has an owner who is stubborn and determined. The Scottish Terrier is also equipped with a high prey drive, they can be aggressive with other animals and suspicious of strangers.

According to the American Kennel Club standards, the objective of increasing Scottish Terrier dogs are the development of small, compact, short legs, which are sturdy and durable. In relation to the dimensions, the length of the head. The ears and tail should be straight and Aberdeen terrier must always be brave and confident. When this level, for the construction of clothing Aberdeen Terrier are provided with layers of time rigid and strong and resilient. The layer is broken and formed from a hard disk, the inner layer and outer protective insulation of a soft material

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