Saturday, February 25, 2012

Greyhound Dog Description

Greyhound dogs are one of the fastest animals on land, accelerates to 45 mph. This kind of dog, unfortunately, is used for the race, thanks to its construction and the capacity of the flight speed. The greyhound was also used for hunting, although the race remains the most important use for this dog.

Greyhounds in a variety of colors, more than 30 recognized colors. Combinations of colors, including black, red, blue, gray, white, brindle and fawn. The Greyhound is very easy to obtain because of their short hair and no undercoat vertical. The average weight of a greyhound about 65 pounds.

This type of dog is known to have a sweet and beautiful and make excellent companion dogs. I agree with their fellow humans and other animals. While Greyhound makes a fine family pet, most greyhounds are always created with the aim of the competition. In fact, many greyhounds find their way into homes after they are able to continue his racing career. Unfortunately, many greyhounds live a life of abuse and neglect of the race by loving owners after the end of his racing career (if you are considering to adopt a greyhound, please check this Greyhound Rescue locally)

During the investigation of the greyhound as a pet potential must be noted that the treatment of dogs veterinary specialty appeals because of its abnormal blood values​​.

Ideal weight: 28-32 kg
Average size: 70-75 cm
Life expectancy: 10-12 years

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  1. as an owner of a female greyhound, I can say they are the most loving and affectionate dogs you could ever wish too meet.
    I love her dearly........... and shes very well looked after.
    a friend for life..... look after your greyhound she will love you forever.