Monday, February 27, 2012

Akita Dog Description

Originally the Japanese island of Honshu, the Akita dog for a variety of purposes has been used. Originally bred to be an Imperial guard dog, the Akita was also in the fight against hunting, bears and deer, and sled to use. The breed was also used by the police and the Japanese army. In this article you will find lots of interesting information Akita dogs. Did you know, for example, that the dog Akita has webbed feet, which makes it a very competent swimmer? There is also an inner insulating layer and a fixed, external waterproof game. In Japan, the Akita name AH-ki-ta is pronounced with the accent on the AH. In English, most people prefer to pronounce the name with the accent on the last syllable in the central-Kee-ta.

The Akita dog puppy is a fascinating creature, but before you decide to make a house, you should ask if they want to be able to this dog for 10-12 years or more. You should also determine whether this breed is the perfect breed for you. Get an Akita dog, puppy, not a good idea if you want a small dog with a layer of low maintenance that have not paid. You should also remember that it is guarded by a dog that is naturally suspicious and often aggressive towards humans and animals, especially when it comes to food. You must spend time training and socializing your dog in a pet Akita properly. Get an Akita dog, puppy, it's a good idea if you want a dog difficult, wolf-like appearance, that does not bark much.

According to the American Kennel Club, the goal should be to develop Akita dog breeding dog bones that are efficient, attentive and heavy. This dog should have a lot of things. The head was a great big tail, curly, which is high and carried over the back or be compensated against the edge. The cycle is three quarters full or double

Buyer Akita is important to keep to competent and responsible breeders, the risk of inherited health problems try to reduce the race. It 'also important to stay away from the Akita dog breeders, the mentally ill to be used for the breeding of dogs and breeders who have puppy socialization training during the first weeks of life is essential. Examples of health problems associated with the breed are hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, skin problems and entropion.

The price varies greatly Akita dog, and most important thing to consider is what you really value for money. Akita dog the price is high, as farmers put a lot of time, energy and money in creating healthy and well socialized puppies, or if the price is high Akita dog, because only the seller is a greedy and irresponsible breeders produced that many puppies as soon as possible? You should always consult, for example, if the Akita puppy has been vet checked, vaccinated and wormed will be offered.

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