Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kintamani Dog Native of Indonesia

The Kintamani is a dog native to Bali, Indonesia. This is a popular pet to Bali and local Balinese breed only official and ongoing efforts to have the dog accepted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale as a recognized breed. This is a growing breed customary to Kintamani region has been transformed from a local dog street in Bali, which is pretty wild special random-bred Landrace to Bali.

Genetic Evidence
Genetic studies have shown that, despite proof to the contrary, the Kintamani Dog is indigenous to Bali. Thirty-one highly polymorphic short tandem repeat markers from Kintamani dogs, street dogs in Bali, Australian dingoes, and nine American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the original descendants of northeast Asia or Europe compared. Kintamani Dog is similar to Bali street dog at all but three loci. The Bali street dog and Kintamani dog are most closely related to the Australian dingo, further associated with the original AKC recognized Chinese descent, and the most distant connection with AKC descent from western Eurasia. Therefore, the Kintamani dog has grown from wild dogs Bali with some loss of genetic diversity.

This decision came despite the fact observed about Kintamani dog that makes them more akin to a line from somewhere else and that distinguish them from the average village dog, the facts which have given credence to the local belief that breed originating 600 years ago from a Chinese Chow Chow brought from abroad.
The Kintamani looks like a mix between a Samoyed and Malamute. They have long hair, a broad face, flat forehead and flat cheeks like Chinese, Chow Chow dog and agree to live as pets. While many live the same kind of life as the average village dog, they dig a hole to the nest for their children and some live in small caves among the rocks around Kintamani. They are locally considered handsome dog more often sought as a good pet. Kintamani gentle dog around people, but still enough assertive behavior to make a prefect (but not violent) was recorded.

The most desired coat color is white with apricot ears tipped. Breeders often restrict dog cold dark caves near volcanoes Kintamani, insisted important step in developing a thick white mantle. However, other wool colors, like black, is accepted. Other common colors include beige wool.
Wither height of  female Kintamani dog is 40-50 cm, 45-55 cm for males, similar to a dog's body high street in Bali. Physical characteristics desired from Kintamani dog include erect ears, forwardly curved tail held at the midline, secondary to line the long hair, almond shaped brown eyes, and black pigment.
Bali street dogs come in various colors and patterns of the mantle, and they almost always shorthaired and straight-to-curve tail. Both still whelp in pores dig into the earth, a characteristic of wild dogs. However, the

A very independent breed, the Kintamani can aggressively territorial while at the same tender and loving with their own families. While most people shy dog ​​to climb and altitude, this will go up Kintamani on the roof and spent most of the day happily installed sitting or sleeping on a garden wall. They are nimble and move freely, smoothly and lithely, and will bark when confronted with a foreign voice or vision. Kintamani dog is very familar to their owners and family.

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