Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cocker Spaniel Dog Care

Cocker Spaniel ideal coating for a smooth English on the body and features of the long secondary feathers on the chest, stomach ear, and behind the front and rear legs. Coat type is easy enough to maintain, and the main part of treatment your dog Cocker Spaniel will consist of simple brushing and combing to prevent shedding and matting. Clipping only required around the head and ears. Use scissors to remove excess hair around the feet and tail. Some specimens will have bushier or fur coat, and this type will require treatment over the mantle from various ideal. At each treatment session, you should always check the eyes, ears and mouth of your dog for signs of disease. Because of their pendulous ears, Cocker Spaniels are prone to ear infections.

Cocker Spaniel Dogs are easy to treat and is a good choice if you want your closest friends. Before you go out and get a Cocker Spaniel puppy sweet little dog, but you have to ask yourself whether you will be able to provide enough time and attention for the next 12-14 years or more. Cocker Spaniel dog is a special pet dog, and if you are forced to live alone too much will become depressed and can start developing destructive behaviors. You should also ask yourself well in advance where things that should be allowed for your dog and that the things that should be banned. If you for example allow Cocker Spaniel dog your dog sleep in your bed, it will not be able to understand why you yelled at to go directly into your bedroom after some good play time in the mud.

Cocker Spaniel dog training is not too difficult, and the breed is known to respond well to praise and attention. Because it is a popular breed, also easy to find a Cocker Spaniel obedience class if you want some help with training. One of the important aspects of the Cocker Spaniel training is to gain control over natural behaviors such as barking and digging, if your dog can start to develop bad habits. Cocker Spaniels most of them still have a lot of instinct to take the left and will be happy to get into the water, and training your Cocker Spaniel to take things and bring them to you very easily.

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