Friday, December 7, 2012

Breeds Great Pyrenees Dog

This is a very old and large Pyrenees breed dog may begin more than a thousand years ago. Basque people who live around the Pyrenees Mountains needed independent dog that can keep their livestock in harsh, mountainous region. Remains dating back as far as 1800 BC to do but show dogs similar to Great Pyrenees, so great Pyrenees dog breeding may be older than we think. Some sources say that the breed may have originated from Siberia or Asia, but speculation has not been confirmed. What we do know is that the modern Great Pyrenees dogs contain genetic material from both Hungarian Kuvasz and Maremmano-Abruzzese dog. Until the Middle Ages, Great Pyrenees dog breeding limited to the mountains of France, but then something happens and the dog began to appear in the drawings and notes from the French court. As in the 1600s ended, almost every nobleman in France owned at least one great Pyrenees that will keep his ch√Ęteau.

According to the American Kennel Club standards, the Great Pyrenees dog breeders should strive to create a stylish and beautiful dog. The outer layer should be long, flat and thick and there should also be a bottom layer of contempt. White should be the main color, but a sign of gray, brown or badger is not considered a problem and there is no need for the Great Pyrenees dog breeders to try to keep them pure white dog. Great Pyrenees dog body should be balanced and elegance of bearing and movement important. When the dog moves around, you must clearly see that this is working dog capable of keeping livestock in, steep slopes and cold windy Pyrenees.

As with other breeds, the Great Pyrenees is susceptible to hip dysplasia. When buying a puppy, it is important to remain solely responsible and knowledgeable great Pyrenees dog breeders who have their dogs vet checked and screened for genetic diseases before using them for breeding purposes.

Prices vary a lot great Pyrenees dog from breeders to farmers, and investigate what you really get your money is important. This example, it is important to check whether the puppy will be examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and de-wormed before being submitted to you.

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