Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breeds Bichon Frise Dog

According to the American Kennel Club, Bichon Frise breeding purposes must be made small and sturdy dog ​​that looks like a white powder puff. A very merry important position and must be accompanied and emphasized by hairy tail which is carried through the back of a dog with merry way. Hair texture is also central in the Bichon Frise dog breeding and should consist of soft and dense undercoat covered by the outer mantle of coarse and kinky. A thin mantle of drowning or least undesirable and lower layers are considered as a serious offense.

Bichon Frise dog because is small and very funny, it unfortunately often produced by factory owners dog. This Bichon Frise dog breeders only interested in producing puppies as much as possible as quickly as possible, with little or nothing for the welfare of dogs and overall health and quality of the breed. When buying Bichon Frise, very important to keep skilled and responsible breeders Bichon Frise dogs are trying to minimize the risk of poor health in dogs. Examples of health problems associated with the breed subluxating kneecap and allergies.

Bichon Frise dog training should start as soon as you bring your puppy home. Without accurate compliance training, the Bichon Frise can turn into quite a spoiled little creatures, and can also be nervous because it was never fully understand the desired behavior and any behavior that is not. Exactly Bichon Frise dog training from the beginning will make things easier for the dog and for you. Stealing naturally an important part of the initial training Bichon Frise, and use the safety generally the easiest way.

When comparing the Bichon Frise dog tag price, it is important to know what you really get your money before you make a purchase. Bichon Frise dogs are priced high because parents of a particular dog is a descendant of healthy and high-quality, high-high or simply because the seller is greedy puppy mill owner? What puppy animals receiving inspection? What puppy vaccinated and de-wormed or will you have to pay for this on your own? These are just a few examples of important questions that you should consider when you are Bichon Frise compare prices offered by different dog breeders.

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