Thursday, December 6, 2012

Breeds German Shorthaired Pointer Dog

Just as the name suggests, the German shorthaired pointer dog breeding comes from Germany. At some point during the 17th century, German hunters started importing Spanish Pointer dog and these dogs are ancestors of today's German shorthaired pointer. Despite the glorification of the German shorthaired pointer started a few centuries ago, the first studbook was not made until 1870. In addition to Spanish Pointer, breed believed to consist of genes from local German descent such as Germany and Schweisshund Bird Dog, the German breed specific in the detection. German shorthaired pointer is also able to detect ancestors back to the English Foxhound, Pointer Italian and some French and Scandinavian descent different. At the end of the 19th century, German shorthaired pointer dog breeding took a new turn when the farmers decided to include English Pointer breeding program policies.

German shorthaired pointer that is now known as a healthy breed and to keep the breed in this manner and ensure high quality it is important to buy a dog from a reputable and knowledgeable dog breeders German shorthaired pointer only. Epileptic seizures have been such a problem in a few lines, and the same is the case with every other pure types often have an increased risk for certain health conditions. In German shorthaired pointer, the problem most often happens is hereditary health eye disease, skin problems, cancer and hip dysplasia lesions. Responsible German shorthaired pointer dog breeders are trying to minimize the risk of this problem and has been very successful so far. Life expectancy of German shorthaired pointer longer than most other types of similar size and you can expect your dog to live for about 12-14 years. German shorthaired pointer enough some even live to be 16-18 years.

German shorthaired pointer puppy prices vary from farmer to farmer and from district to district, and difficult to provide general guidelines. The most important thing is to know what you really get for the price offered German shorthaired pointer dog. Do you get vet checked, vaccinated and de-wormed dog German shorthaired pointer or will you have to pay for the payment on your own? What to call a dog from healthy elderly people and high quality? What puppies spend the first few weeks in the barn the first stage where the mother and puppies have been treated well and completely socialized?

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